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2017-2018 was the 50th year of the operation of the parole system in considering the cases of prisoners and licensees referred by Scottish Ministers.

The Board also concluded 342 Life Prisoner Tribunals, 212 Extended Sentence Tribunals and 194 oral hearings during the year

Extended Sentences

During 2017-18, Scottish Ministers referred 149 cases to the Board where the behaviour of the licensee was giving cause for concern.

The Board recommended that 90 licensees be recalled to custody, 43 should be issued warning letters, no action was taken in 4 cases, 10 cases were deferred and 2 were withdrawn.

During the year, the Board convened 42 extended sentence prisoner tribunals for consideration of immediate re-release. Of these, 34 prisoners had been recalled by the Board at case work meetings; immediate re-release was directed in 9 cases and 25 were not re‑released. In addition, the Scottish Ministers revoked the licences of 8 individuals; immediate re-release was directed in 2 cases, and 6 were not re-released.

During 2017-18, the Board considered the cases of 170 extended sentence prisoners who were entitled to a further review following recall. These further reviews resulted in 22 of the offenders being rereleased on licence and 148 were not re-released.

In 2017-18, 16 prisoners self-rejected from having a further review at a Tribunal.

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