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The Parole Board (Scotland) Amendment Rules 2021

The Parole Board (Scotland) Amendment Rules 2021 came into effect on 1 March 2021, and apply to all cases referred to the Board from that date which are considered under Part IV of The Parole Board (Scotland) Rules 2001, by way of a tribunal hearing. 

The Amendment Rules provide the following additional rights to those registered with either part of the VNS:

- The right to request to attend the tribunal hearing as an observer for prisoners serving either a life sentence, an Order for Lifelong Restriction or an extended sentence ( and recalled in their extension period) . When the case is referred to the Board, those registered against it will be contacted and invited to submit a request to attend. Once submitted, requests will be considered by the tribunal Chair, who will decide whether to grant the request or not. The decision on whether to allow any party to attend the hearing rests solely with the tribunal Chair. Where a request is refused, the Chair is required to provide a statement of the reasons for doing so; this will then be sent to the individual who made the request.

- Where the Board directs release at a tribunal hearing, it must publish an anonymised summary of the reasons for its decision. Summaries will also be published on the Case Decisions section of this site. Anyone registered against the case will be automatically sent a copy of the summary, unless they have advised the Board that they do not wish to receive it.









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